March 7, 2019

Pastor’s Corner:
I once heard of the story of the spring whose waters had certain medicinal properties so that those who drank from it were helped in various infirmities. In the course of time, homes sprang up around the spring – then came a hotel, stores, and eventually town that grew into a city. But there came a day when visitors would ask, “Where is the spring from which this grew?” and the residents would say, with embarrassment, “We are sorry, but somehow in the midst of all our progress and improvement, we lost the spring.”
Institutional Christianity’s biggest problem today is to find its lost spring. The church’s greatest challenges in these last days certainly are not challenges that cannot be overcome. It simply takes a bit of refocusing and realignment, and yes, repentance. The church (the saved ones) loses the spring when she heightens the material over the spiritual, the old man over the New Man, foolishness over wisdom, and the temporal rather than the eternal. Just this past week in the mail I received an anonymous letter from an Oklahoma bishop asking that I send him a vow of faith (monetarily, of course), then all of my problems would fade away. Attached with the letter was a “paper” prayer cloth fresh off the printing press, promising me riches if only I put my confidence in his paper thread. I thought how silly some folks tend to be. Then it hit me, somebody in Tulsa needs to find the lost spring!
Maybe today you or someone you know needs to find the lost spring. I can tell you simply, it is a well that never runs dry!
Jayson Hoagland