Update on schedule:

1. Sunday morning services will begin May 24th. No Sunday School until further notice. Service time will be as usual.
2. No Sunday evening or Wednesday evening services at this time
3. One side of the church will be roped off for at least the first two Sundays. Based on our attendance, we will ask everyone to keep 6 ft apart during worship time.
4. Hand sanitizer will be available in the foyer.
5. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own mask if they choose to wear one. Masks will also be provided by the church.
6. Front doors will stay opened to prevent being handled by attenders.
7. The balcony will not be in use for at least the first two weeks.
8. Over 60 and children are encouraged to stay home but not mandatory. Attend at your own risk. There are no kids programs until further notice.
9. If you are sick or feel any symptoms of sickness, please stay home.
10. During this pandemic we will assess the furtherance of our services and all church activities based on government-driven data as it relates to Covid-19. In other words we will continue to use government guidelines as we phase in to our routine schedule.

May God bless each one of you.  We can’t wait to worship with you again coorprately, but until then…we will continue Facebook livestreaming and other means to stay in touch as the church family.