October 25, 2018

Pastor’s Corner:
“THE LOVE TEST” “Someone’s in the parking lot, and I think they’re going through cars.”
It was a Sunday morning in July 2016 at Faith Baptist Church in Glendale, Arizona. Lupe Menzoza was preparing to teach the teen Sunday School class when he was informed of suspicious behavior in the church parking lot. When he went to check it out, he realized that his phone, which he had left in his car, had been stolen.
Lupe knew who the culprit was: a young castaway boy named Cloude who frequently caused trouble. A conversation with Cloude and his father later that day was unhelpful—the boy denied the theft, and the language barrier kept Lupe from communicating with his father. Lupe walked away, writing it off as a lost cause.
The next morning, he found his phone in a ditch between the church and an apartment complex.
That’s when something clicked. No matter who had stolen his phone, this forgotten child needed to be ministered to. He needed Jesus.
“We need to help these kids,” Lupe, a high school history teacher, remembers thinking. “We need to do something with them. Either we are going to reach them, or the world is going to reach them.”
Every church has what I call their “love tests” which are comprised of a person or persons who may act or be different than you are. That person may do things that simply drive you nuts or sometimes drive you away. Consider those moments as your own love test. Jesus said that we must (not maybe) love one another. Whoever it is, whoever they come from, and however much they may push you to the edge, choose to love! Folks, I believe there are three clear marks in the lives of the closest followers of Christ….Loving, Giving, and Forgiving!
So please, take the time to love on your love test today.
Pastor Jayson