October 5, 2018

Pastor’s Corner:
Jennifer and I would like to thank all of you for your ongoing love and support as Jaycie Mae is still in the NICU at Vanderbilt as of today (Wednesday), and we covet your prayers as her three month mark approaches.
The baby’s progress has been steady yet her breathing still requires outside help with over 30% oxygen most of the time. She passed her hearing exam on Monday (Yay!) and awaiting to see the results of her eye exam. She’s also sleeping now in an open crib but still dependence on the oxygen. Her birth weight (as you know) was one pound and ten ounces. Currently she weighs in at a blazing four pounds and twelve ounces!! Safe to say she has no eating deficiencies! She is a fighter and all of us at home can’t wait until she is finally home.
I’ve discovered through this journey that prayer makes a big difference in our lives as Christians. We can go without and we should never be satisfied with substitutes. I pray that today’s message from the Word will guide you in your own prayer life that we all will discover boundless truths in the Lord’s model prayer.
Keep the Faith,
Pastor Jayson